Colby cheese



Colby cheese from Widmer’s Cheese Cellars, Theresa, Wisconsin

Made from pasteurized cow milk.

Cheesemakers first produced Colby, a close relative of Cheddar, in the central Wisconsin town of Colby in 1885.  Similar in flavor to Cheddar, Colby is softer and has a more open texture and higher moisture content.  Cheesemakers spray the curds with cold water and stir them while they are still in the vat to prevent the curds from knitting together. This procedure gives Colby a more elastic texture than Cheddar.



Colby cheese

This type of cheese was first produced in Colby, Wisconsin in 1885.  Colby cheese has a mild flavor and is similar to a mild Cheddar, but is has a firm, open texture with tiny holes that is somewhat more elastic than Cheddar.

Pairing suggestions:  Potter’s Six Seed Crackers, and Spotted Cow beer.  Slice it for sandwiches; shred it into casseroles; cut it in cubes for snacks.


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