Comte cheese



Comte cheese from France

Made from raw cow milk.

This cheese is in the Alpine class of cheeses, and has a nuttier flavor, in the vein of what many Americans would call “Swiss” cheese.



Comte cheese from France

This comte cheese comes from the Franche-Comte region of France.

Fromagination chooses wheels that tend toward the sweetness of cooked milk. A bit of stone fruit and the quiet nuttiness of browned butter. Additionally, it is ideal for any cooking application, and classically melted in everything from fondue to Croque Monsieur, this Saint is divine with Rhone red wines.

From France, Comte Saint Antoine is an excellent version of one of the world’s greatest cheeses.  Comte captures the essence of raw, mountain pasture-fed cow milk.  In fact, this version is aged 12 to 18 months.


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