Cranberry Relish


Cranberry Relish

Try Fromagination’s signature Cranberry Relish with your turkey…or Cheddar…or Brie…or cheese and meat tray.

Ingredients: Wisconsin cranberries, brown sugar, cider vinegar, red onions, golden raisins, dried currants, yellow mustard seeds, spices and salt.

Quince & Apple also makes other fantastic preserves!

In a 6 ounce jar.

Produced by Quince & Apple, Madison, Wisconsin.


Cranberry Relish

Fromagination’s signature Cranberry Relish is a favorite with our in-shop lunch visitors.  We use it on our Signature (turkey) Sandwich.

It’s a sweet and tart relish, a blend of cranberries, raisins, and currants and spices.  This is a Fromagination exclusive, and our “secret recipe.”    It’s also great paired with specific cheeses.

Pairing suggestions:  Hook’s Fifteen-Year Cheddar cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese, or Marieke Plain Gouda cheese.


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