The Crowd Pleaser



What’s included:

6 ½lb wedges of Wisconsin Cheese featuring:

  • Hook’s Five-Year cheddar
  • Roelli Dunbarton Blue Cheese
  • Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve
  • Marieke Gouda
  • Roelli Red Rock
  • Roth Gran Cru Surchoix

Companions included:

  • Potter’s Cranberry Crisp, Six Seed and Winter Wheat Crackers
  • Quince and Apple Preserves- Fig and Black Tea, Apple Cranberry, Fromagination Exclusive Cranberry Relish, Pear, Ginger and Honey, and Raspberry Rose

Gift is packaged in our Signature Insulated Tote and in a premium red box.


The Crowd Pleaser

A gift to be shared, five Wisconsin Cheeses perfectly paired with locally made preserves and crackers.  In fact, this 6 cheese collection has something for everyone!


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