Dairyland Carnivore Gift Set



Dairyland Carnivore Gift Set

Contents: Five meats and one jar of mustard.

Fromagination’s wonderful Wisconsin cheese gift baskets sometimes don’t even include cheese…only tasty locally produced charcuterie and a delicious condiment from France.

The Dairyland Carnivore Gift Set contains five locally produced salamis: Pepperoni and Tuscan salamis (approximately 6 ounces of each); Saucisson Sec and Finnochiona salamis (approximately 2 ounces of each); and ‘Nduja spreadable salami (approximately 3 ounces).  In addition, we add Moutarde de Dijon, a  3.5 ounce jar from France.


Dairyland Carnivore Gift Set

Underground Meats is a Madison, Wisconsin purveyor of meats.  It sources its meats from small-scale producers in south-central Wisconsin, and prioritizes humane slaughter.


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