Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherries



Dark Chocolate Dipped Cherries
This Spanish specialty comes from a small producer in Aragón. Fresh Spanish Cherries that are candied with a hint of liqueur and hand dipped in 55% dark chocolate. Perfect as healthy, indulgent treat, a perfect companion with cheddar cheese or to add on ice cream, gelato, cakes, sundaes and sweet creams. Need we say more?

4.90 Ounces


The Caro brothers have been making Aragon fruits and chocolates for three generations. Candied fruits are famous to the region of Aragon as is the Caro family. These dye-free cherries have been macerated in sugar for one month to candy them. With a hint of liqueur they are then hand-dipped in dark chocolate to create a wickedly delicious treat. With no artificial coloring.


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