Delice de Bourgogne cheese



Delice ee Bourgogne cheese, France

Made from pasteurized cow milk.

A tribute to small-scale French cheese-making, Delice de Bourgogne (Burgundy) is produced by Fromagerie Lincet.

The pasteurized triple creme (75% butterfat in dry matter) marries full-fat cow milk with fresh cream, producing an unapologetically rich, whipped delight.



Delice de Bourgogne cheese

Delice de Bourgogne cheese is aged 1-2 months, and made from Brie and cream.

Unlike many straightforward triple-cremes, this one has a thin, pungent mold rind that imparts straw and mushroom aromas. That ends up complementing the buttery yellow, sweet cream interior. In fact, the cheese is made by blending full fat cow’s milk with crème fraîche to create an incredibly delicious soft cheese with a rich flavour and a smooth, melt-in-the-mouth texture. Makes a dreamy breakfast, lunch or dessert – just add champagne!  Especially perfect for holiday entertaining.

Pairing suggestions: Peach Chamomile Preserves, Classic White Crackers, tangerine slices. Champagne or Ciders and Wheat Beers.

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