Dried Tomato and Anchovy Crackers


Dried Tomato and Anchovy Crackers

These crackers come from a savory recipe with the flavors of Provence.

Cracker producer Julien has associated his Corsican origins and his personal touch from Marseille.


Dried Tomato and Anchovy Crackers

About Cuggiulelle Saravelli, product of France:

In the small village of Calenzana, a real paradise on the heights of Calvi, Julien took over the recipe for Corsican biscuits from his great-grandfather. As a baker, he worked on the recipe to make it a family secret. Her grandmother has been carrying on the tradition for all these years. She delicately works this delicious dough, cooked it slowly to obtain these Corsican shortbread biscuits with a unique and totally irresistible taste. A true product of the island terroir, the Corsican Calenzana biscuit will delight enlightened amateurs and curious laymen.

Today, Julien lives in Marseille and the least we can say is that he misses the good Cuggiulelle of his family. It was at Penne-Sur-Huveaune that Julien set up his oven and kneading machine to perpetuate the tradition. “At first I made cuggiulelles because they reminded me of the taste of my childhood and I wanted to keep this recipe in the family. It was by sharing his Proust madeleine with his friends and sensing their enthusiasm that he realized that the biscuit imagined by his great-grandfather could please everyone. In his laboratory of about ten square meters, Julien “cooks” the old-fashioned way, by hand. He tinkered with notched rollers to cut several cookies in one go.


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