Driftless Provisions Sliced Salami


Driftless Provisions Sliced Salami

Made in Wisconsin.

Enjoy the same great flavor you know from Driftless Provisions’ nitrate-free salami, now available in 3-ounce pre-sliced packs. These are an even more accessible option for traveling or going on adventures.

Comes in four different types of 3-ounce pre-sliced salami: Saucisson Sec, Loukanika, Spicy Finocchiona and Hunter’s Dual (contains 1.5 ounces each of Elk Cacciatore & Bison Landjaeger)

Refrigerate after opening.


Driftless Provisions Sliced Salami

About Driftless Provisions

Driftless Provisions was founded in 2017 by Ryan Wagner and Justin VerMeer to make good food rooted in the Driftless Region of Southwestern Wisconsin. We make handcrafted salami because it’s delicious and to make it right requires skill and artistry.
We make good food to gather around. We live in the Driftless because it fills our cups. We made Driftless Provisions as an expression of our joy.

Why the Driftless?

We love it here. As outdoorsmen, land stewards, and members of our local community we are consistently sustained and inspired by this place and its people. Good craft is the result of good living. How can we make good crafts if our cups are not full? Driftless Provision is an expression of our joy.
Our hope is that wherever you enjoy your Driftless Provisions they are a celebration of your connection to your people and place And our promise is that your support of Driftless Provisions today will help preserve the Driftless through tomorrow
Why a salami company?
We make food because we love food. Food is a timeless and universal convener that not only draws us together, but also gives us joy. We choose to make salami because it is a unique craft that is boundless in its variety, is shelf stable, and can go wherever we want to take it whether that’s to dinner with friends or sundown in the backcountry.

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