Dunbarton Blue cheese



Dunbarton Blue cheese, Roelli Cheese, Schullsburg, Wisconsin

Made from pasteurized cow milk.

In terms of flavor, Dunbarton Blue strikes a nice balance of beefy, nutty, saline flavors, the mustiness of the natural rind and cellar aging and the slight piquancy of not-too-much blue.

Great for salads or as the star of a cheese tray. Its blue notes aren’t too sharp, so even those with milder tastes will be able to enjoy this domestic beauty.

This cheese is featured in two of our cakes of cheese, Hooray, and Farmer’s Daughter!



Dunbarton Blue cheese

Fourth generation cheesemaker Chris Roelli committed the equivalent of blue cheese heresy by piercing his cheese and then pressing it to inhibit the mold growth. The result is Dunbarton Blue, a sort of blue-veined cheddar that’s potent yet approachable. In a typical blue, the pierce holes introduce air that allows the desirable mold to proliferate within the cheese. By pressing it, Chris halts the process, developing a distinct but subtle bluing that hints at piquancy without punching you in the face. This is a unique and fantastic cheese from a true American cheesemaking family.

Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Chris Roelli leads this company, which has been making artisan cheeses since 2006. Roelli comes from Swiss ancestry and his great-grandfather came to the United States in the 1920s and began making cheese.

Pairing suggestions: Dried cranberries, Fig and Black Tea preserves, Winter Wheat crackers, Ale Asylum Contorter Porter ale.


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