E-Gift Card


E-Gift Card

Used only for online purchases

Fromagination’s E-Gift Card may be purchased online and sent to a friend, family member or business client who loves Wisconsin cheese, but lives somewhere else.

Your gift recipient will receive an e-mail message with a code to be entered at check out on the Fromagination website, when the E-Gift Card will pay the amount on the card.


Separate multiple email addresses with a comma.
500 characters remaining
Up to a year from today
Quantity: 1
1 to each recipient


E-Gift Card

Tips for Redeeming the E-Gift Card

When the order is complete, the E-Gift Card is generated and emailed to the recipient. E-gift cards do not expire.  They can only be redeemed online. 

Enter the dash between letters/numerals when entering the E-Gift Card code for redemption:

  • Correct: abcd-1234-efgh-5678
  • Incorrect: abcd1234efgh5678

Reminder: Traditional Fromagination Gift Cards function in our shop for in-person purchases.


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