Earth-Friendly Trays


Earth Friendly Trays

These are compostable/biodegradable trays for your event or celebration.

Wood Wrapped in Rice Paper Fixed Side – Large Tray 15″ x 11″

Palm Leaf Large Tray 14″ x 10″

Palm Leaf Tray 9″ x 6″

Palm Leaf Tray 8″ x 8″

Palm Leaf Tray 6″ x 6″





Earth-Friendly Trays

Palm Leaf Trays

Hand crafted from fallen palm leaves, our dinnerware embodies the beauty of mother nature gifts. Each leaf is thoroughly cleaned, heat pressed, hand crafted, and fully sterilized; the result is sturdy, casually elegant dinnerware ready for everyday dining and relaxed gatherings.  trays are perfect for serving cheese, sandwiches and sides.

Wood Wrapped in Rice Paper Trays

Strong and durable with fixed sides and clean lines; the minimalist styling and subtly sloped angles set off each culinary creation.

  • 15″ long x 11″ wide x 1.8″ high
  • Sourced from left over wood and wrapped in rice paper
  • Water resistant
  • Oil resistant
  • Compostable/biodegradable
  • Disposable

Additional information

Earth-Friendly Tray Size

14" x 10", 15" x 11", 6" x 6", 8" x 8", 9" x 6"


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