Eiger Mountain cheese



Eiger Mountain cheese, Edelweiss Creamery, Monroe, Wisconsin

Made from raw cow milk.

Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker Bruce Workman skillfully crafts this Emmentaler-style cheese with raw milk in an old-fashioned copper kettle, preserving the ancestral Swiss cheesemaking heritage.  At present time, Edelweiss Creamery is the only facility in the country with the capability to produce these amazing 180-pound wheels of cheese.  Eiger Mountain is great in fondue mixed with Pleasant Ridge Reserve and Gran Cru Surchoix.

Here’s a Dairyland Fondue recipe!



Eiger Mountain cheese, Edelweiss Creamery, Monroe, Wisconsin

Eiger Mountain is an Emmentaler-style cheese is made from the milk of grass-fed Wisconsin cows, and produced in large, copper kettles imported from Switzerland.  Edelweiss Creamery’s attention to detail produces this Alpine-style cheese with pronounced flavor, and reconfirms the artisan cheese heritage of southern Wisconsin.

In fact, Emmental cheese can be traced back to before 1300.  It gets its name from the valley that is home to the upper Emme River in Switzerland. Additionally, it’s now made all over that country from milk of cows the roam higher grazing areas.

Pairing suggestions: Grilled cheese sandwiches; fondue with bread, fruit or roasted vegetables; Herbes de Provence crackers.


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