Fresh Chevre (goat cheese)



Fresh Chevre (goat cheese), LaClare Farms, Malone, Wisconsin

Made from raw goat milk.

This cheese is sweet, mild and snowy white… crafted with Dairy Goat Co-op milk.

The fresh chevre – or goat cheese –  is the most common style of goat milk cheese in the United States.  And this is a great one!



Fresh Chevre (goat cheese)

LaClare Farms chevre is often compared to the chevre you can get in France.  It is made in small batches.  As requested by chefs, the cheese is made slightly higher in moisture than traditional American chevres, thus making the fresh chevre more universal.  It can easily be used for spreading, dipping, making sauces and stuffings.

Pairing suggestions: Spiced Pecans, honey, apple slices, IPA beer.

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