Fromagination’s Perfect Companions Gift Set


Fromagination’s Perfect Companions Gift Set

Need an extra support for your cheese?  What about two of Fromagination’s signature cheese companions?

It contains:

Our Wisconsin cheese gift baskets have fabulous cheeses…but what if their accompaniment at your table is lacking?  It could be a pairing tragedy!  Get the proper, tasty crackers and relish to compliment your wonderful cheese.


Fromagination’s Perfect Companions Gift Set

A small gift to show you care. Set includes Fromagination’s Wisconsin Parmesan Crackers and Cranberry Relish.

Fromagination’s Perfect Companions Gift Set is really about having the right companion foods for your artisan Wisconsin cheese.

It includes both Fromagination’s Exclusive Parmesan Black Pepper Crackers (5 ounce bag, made by Potter’s Crackers), and Fromagination’s Exclusive Cranberry Relish (1.5 ounce jar, made by Quince & Apple).  You can just eat them by themselves, but maybe some cheese would help to complete the snack.

Pairing suggestions: Hook’s Ten-Year Aged Cheddar cheese, Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese, Hook’s Five-Year Aged Cheddar cheese.


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