Gail Ambrosius Conversation Heart


Gail Ambrosius Conversation Heart

Tell them “Happy Valentine’s Day” with chocolate. Each box contains Gail’s best-selling caramel with sea salt, a large dark chocolate heart, and a truffle corresponding to the box color you select – descriptions below.

“Be Mine” was never more adorable than emblazoned on our conversation heart gift box. Includes three pieces.

Gail Ambrosius is a world-class chocolatier located in Madison, Wisconsin

Box flavors:

  • Yellow:  Dark Choc Heart, Machu Picchu, Caramel
  • Green:  Dark Choc Heart, Coconut, Strawberry (all vegan)
  • White:  Dark Choc Heart, Rose, Caramel
  • Lavender:  Milk Choc Heart, Lucille’s Vanilla, Caramel
  • Pink: Dark Choc Heart, Sour Cherry, Caramel


Gail Ambrosius Conversation Heart

Fromagination offers the Gail Ambrosius Conversation Heart.

Gail started her Madison business in 2004 and, with her 10 employees, they hand-produce several thousands of pieces of chocolate daily during their peak seasons! When she was 17, she visited France on a school trip and had her first piece of dark chocolate. Her love for chocolate started in that moment and she never looked back!

Gail’s tips on chocolate:

• Dark chocolate is more interesting, because you get more of the real chocolate taste without lots of sugar.
• Single-origin chocolate is even more interesting, because it takes on the flavors of the area where it was grown.
• Chocolate is an adventure–it comes from exotic locations, circling the equator, all around the globe!
• Don’t be shy about trying lots of chocolate–I try everything I can in order to explore all the varieties of flavor that the amazing theobroma cacao tree has to offer.
• There’s no right or wrong: if you like it, that’s great; if not, keep tasting and eat what you enjoy.

“In my opinion, good chocolate is its own food group. A little bit feeds the soul and fires the imagination.”  -Gail Ambrosius

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Green, Lavender, Pink, White, Yellow


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