Gluten-Free Water Crackers


Gluten-Free Water Crackers

The Fine Cheese Company Gluten-Free Water Crackers are carefully prepared with corn and soy bran to create a cracker that is both great-tasting and suitable for those wishing to avoid gluten in their diet.

These crackers are baked by toasting under flames for one minute creating a crisp and nutty taste that flatters any cheese.

24 crackers – 6 ounces.


Gluten-Free Water Crackers

In its cheese shop based in Bath, England, The Fine Cheese Company first began making its own premium line of crackers after wondering why there are so many great cheeses, and so few great crackers to go with them. To that end, they’ve developed their English line, a neutral selection of crackers that don’t impose themselves on the cheeses.

Ingredients: Corn starch, sou bran, pre-gelatinized tapioca starch, palm oil, invert sugar, salt, raising agent (ammonium bicarbonate), emulsifier (diacetyltartaric acid esters of fatty acids). Contains soy.


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