Goat Cheese Kit


Goat Cheese Kit

Goat Cheese Making Kit

We love goat cheese. It’s tangy, delicious and a staple ingredient in so many of our favorite dishes.
Even better? It’s surprisingly simple to make. Reusable equipment, included cheese salt & rennet will get you started on eight batches of tangy chèvre & feta at home.
This kit includes a cheese basket, thermometer, cheese cloth, vegetable rennet and cheese salt.
From FarmSteady.


Goat Cheese Kit

About FarmSteady, Brooklyn, New York: FarmSteady makes fun, easy-to-use kits that empower the kitchen-curious to reach new and delicious Do-It-Yourself heights.

From mozzarella to classic dill pickles, hard cider and traditional New York style bagels,  savor foods you’d never imagine making at home.

Born and based in Brooklyn, their small team of DIY enthusiasts is here to support you every step of the way with detailed, step-by-step instructions and quick, friendly customer service.


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