Goat Salami

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Goat Salami

Okay, you tried goat cheese…how about goat salami?  This yummy product is made from goat meat, salt, spices, and is packaged in natural casings.

Made by Underground Meats in Madison, Wisconsin.  They very well may be the only people producing goat salami in the U.S.

This product comes in a 2 ounce link.


Goat Salami

Underground Meats’ goat salami is made from locally raised goats.

Underground Meats works closely with small-scale Wisconsin farmers to source its products from pasture-raised heritage pigs and goats.  Consequently, this means that a high quality and consistent supply of humanely treated animals are slaughtered in small-scale, state-inspected facilities.  As a result, the charcuterie is delicious and of excellent quality.

In fact, the Underground Food Collective is a Madison, WI based company. Currently they own and operate Forequarter restaurant, Underground Meats, Underground Butcher & Underground Catering.

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  1. Mick

    Absolutely YUMMY ! A sweet hint of cinnamon. AWESOME. You need to try some.

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