Gouda Gift Set



Gouda Gift Set

Contents: Three cheeses and one container of maple syrup.

This Wisconsin cheese gift basket features a very tasty trio of Gouda cheese from Holland’s Family Cheese in Malone, Wisconsin.  Marieke Gouda is a premiere Wisconsin Gouda producer.

It contains:


Choose from one of three sizes: 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound, or 1 pound cuts of the three Gouda cheeses.



Gouda Gift Set

This Fromagination Wisconsin cheese gift basket is one of our best.  The quality of Marieke Gouda cheeses is unparalleled! The combination of these three types will give your gift recipient a separate thrill as each one is sampled.  Maple syrup is a flavor that pairs well with Gouda cheese, so we have included a 1.75 ounce container of Wisconsin Maple Syrup with this trio.  Enjoy!

These fine cheeses are made by Rolf and Marieke Penterman, first-generation Wisconsin dairy farmers having moved from the Netherlands to Wisconsin in 2002. They now produce some of the best Goudas in the world.


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