Hook’s 20-Year Aged Cheddar cheese-Pre-Order


Hook’s 20-Year Aged Cheddar cheese, Hook’s Cheese, Mineral Point, Wisconsin

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Limited Offer Pre-Order Available May 15th.

Made from pasteurized cow milk.

It’s back: Hook’s Cheese Company is again selling Cheddar cheese aged for 20 years.

It’s among the rarest of the rare. After spending 20 years in the Hook’s aging caves under the proper temperature and humidity,  the 2015 batch of this cheese had slightly crunchy lactate crystals, like those found in well-aged Parmigiano-Regiano.

This time, this cheese again has crystals and is similar in how it tastes.  Tony Hook says, “Very smooth…nice, clean flavor.”

Find the Hook’s Cheddar Flight…five aged Cheddars from Hook’s Cheese in one package.

Click link to order a sampler flight Pre Order Hook’s Mini Cheddar Flight Includes 20 Year Cheddar


Hook’s 20-Year Aged Cheddar cheese-Pre-Order

This cheese is available starting May 15, 2023- Note the cheddar shipped will be a white cheddar, not orange, as pictured.   

Please read all about it:   https://www.jsonline.com/story/life/food/chef-chat/2023/01/23/hooks-cheese-209-per-pound-20-year-cheddar-is-on-the-way/69815787007/


For more than 45 years, Tony and Julie Hook have made cheese in Wisconsin. Starting as a relatively small operation, the Hooks made primarily Cheddar and Swiss cheeses. Some years later, they expanded to Colby, Monterey Jack, and flavored Jacks. Eventually, they grew to such an extent that they needed to find a larger working space! More artisan cheeses and awards later, the Hooks now make cheese from their Mineral Point location in southwestern Wisconsin.  Along with Hook’s 15-Year Aged Cheddar cheese, Hook’s produces a wide variety of cheeses and a line of aged Cheddars – from 5 to 20 years.

Pairing suggestions: Cranberry relish, Finocchiona, dried pineapple, Classic White Crackers or a bittersweet chocolate bar

Delivery Note, Orders will ship the week of May 15, 2023. Orders to be picked up at our shop will be ready beginning May 16
Thank you for your patience.

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Weight 8 oz
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