Hooray Cake of Cheese

Hooray Cake of Cheese

There’s so much flavor in the cheeses that make up the Hooray Cake of Cheese, you just have to be happy!  Hooray!…right?

It starts with a Minnesotan Brie called Little Lucy…appropriately fresh and smooth, then includes a famous goat milk cheese from California, Humboldt Fog.  The third layer is from the other side of the country, a Vermont Blue name Bayley Hazen Blue.  The foundation layer is Wisconsin’s Dunbarton Blue, a white Cheddar with a Blue streak…a cheese with amazing flavor and bite.

This cake will make your special event even more celebratory…and tasty!  Hooray!

Note: Fromagination no longer sells cakes of cheese directly from the website.  Call us at 608-665-3363 for information about prices and inventory availability.

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Hooray Cake of Cheese

The Hooray Cake of Cheese features four delicious cheeses:

  • Little Lucy is a soft pasteurized cow milk cheese made by RedHead Creamery in Brooten, Minnesota.  This is a Brie, becoming oozy and creamy at six weeks, with flavor notes of grass and asparagus.
  • Humboldt Fog is a goat milk cheese made by Cypress Grove  in Arcata, California.  It is a soft-ripened creation, with a streak of ash across the middle, like the French cheese Morbier.  It ripens from the outside.
  • Bayley Hazen Blue is raw cow milk cheese made by Jasper Hill Farms  in Greensboro, Vermont.  Additionally, it is a natural rind Blue cheese, less “hot” and more nutty, aged between 3 and 4 months.
  • Dunbarton Blue is a firm cow milk cheese made by Roelli Cheese Haus in Schullsburg, Wisconsin.  It is an award-winning white Cheddar with a few veins of Blue running through it – the combination of flavors is stunning.

This cake is approximately 8 inches wide (at its base) and 21 inches tall.  It contains approximately 244 1-ounce servings of cheese.


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