June Bug Cake of Cheese

June Bug Cake of Cheese

For some, the “June bug” may be an inclination to be married…but this June Bug is about summers on the farm…and the cheeses that may result.

The June Bug Cake of Cheese incorporates delicious products from across the U.S.  Sheep cheese from Wisconsin, cow cheese from California, and goat cheeses from North Carolina and Indiana.

This is a small cake that is perfect for a picnic, a bachelor’s party, or an intimate reception.

Note: Fromagination no longer sells cakes of cheese directly from the website.  Call us at 608-665-3363 for information about prices and inventory availability.

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June Bug Cake of Cheese

The June Bug Cake of Cheese features four artisan cheeses:

  • Wabash Cannonball is a soft, goat milk cheese made by Capriole in Greenville, Indiana.  Like its namesake, the train, this cheese travels to your cheese board rather quickly – ripening in only 10 days.  It has won Best in Show at the American Cheese Society awards.
  • Mount Tam is fresh, cow milk cheese made by Cowgirl Creamery in Petaluma, California.  Mount Tam is a triple-cream, with flavor hints of mushroom, and has won the American Cheese Society awards more than once.
  • Rosie’s Robiola is a soft mixed-milk cheese made by Boxcarr Handmade Cheese in Cedar Grove, North Carolina.  In fact, this is a cheese with origins in Italy – a mixed milk Italian farm cheese that ages for less than a month – and puts a smooth, but zingy flavor on your palate.
  • Timber Coulee is a sheep milk cheese made by Hidden Springs Creamery in Westby, Wisconsin.  Also, it is made in the style of Basque cheese Ossau Iraty, this cheese is aged 6 months and is nutty with a buttery finish.

This cake is approximately 5 inches wide (at its base) and 10 inches tall.  It contains approximately 52 1-ounce servings of cheese.

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