Blakesville Creamery Lake Effect cheese


Lake Effect cheese, Blakesville Creamery, Port Washington, Wisconsin

This is a picture of the Fromagination goat

Made from pasteurized goat milk.

Lake Effect has a cleaner, simpler flavor finish than its sister soft-ripened cheeses from Blakesville Creamery, due to the use of the penicillium candidum mold on this cheese.  Hence it has a more buttery and non-goaty flavor finish.

Fromagination is happy to welcome new goat cheeses from Port Washington, Wisconsin.

It weighs approximately 1/3 pound (each), and is aged 4-6 weeks.


Lake Effect cheese

This pasturized goat milk cheese is soft ripened.

These diminutive drums are dense and clay-like in texture – they melt in your mouth the way peanut butter does. The aroma is mushroomy but not heavy, and the flavor is bright, lactic, nutty.

Blakesville Creamery is part of Blakesville Dairy Farm in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  They have 900 goats!

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Weight 8 oz
Weight of Each Cut Cheese

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