Le Superbe Emmental cheese


Le Superbe Emmental cheese, Lustenberger & Dürst, Hünenberg See, Switzerland

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

Made from raw cow milk.

This is a perfect cheese to blend into your fondue. or more than one and a half centuries, and up to the present day, this cheese has been made in village dairies. The flavor is mild and nutty, and the cheese has famous cherry-sized holes.

The “eyes” form as bacterial cultures release carbon dioxide during ripening. The texture is semi-firm, and the taste is slightly sweet and nutty with a sharp finish. Emmental is great on sandwiches, a classic part of fondue, and an excellent snack.

It is aged a minimum of 100 days.


Le Superbe Emmental cheese

Made in the Emmental Valley of Switzerland.

This cheese is authenticated and registered under the Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée (AOC) system.

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