Little Hosmer cheese


Little Hosmer cheese, Jasper Hill Creamery, Greensboro, Vermont

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Made from pasteurized cow milk.

Little Hosmer is a Jasper Hill Creamery original, a smaller version of a New World-style Brie. It’s a bloomy rind, four-ounce wheel (this version) that becomes ripe and ready to eat at between 7 and 9 weeks old.

Little Hosmer is an approachable and nuanced soft-ripened cheese. Beneath its thin, bloomy-rind lies a gooey, milky core showing a complex array of flavors at peak ripeness: cauliflower, crème fraiche, and toasted nuts.  A bright, clean finish with a hint of white mushroom aroma follows the rich flavors of the paste.

It was Winner of a 2017 Super Gold Award at the World Cheese Awards.


Little Hosmer cheese

From Jasper Hill Creamery, Greensboro, Vermont

From Jasper Hill: “This cheese is named for a small pond in nearby Craftsbury, Vermont.  Little Hosmer Pond is adjacent to Great Hosmer Pond, both favorite destinations for rowing, swimming, fishing, and cross-country skiing after a long day of cheesemaking. Naming this little cheese after a Northeast Kingdom gem ties out our quest for meaningful work in a place that we love.”

Little Hosmer is the perfect size for a picnic or complement to a cheeseboard.  At room temperature, this cheese is pliable and decadent without being runny.  Seek out a fruited wheat beer, cured duck breast, and freshly baked focaccia for an elegant little spread.

From Jasper Hill: “The Cellars at Jasper Hill Farm is an innovative 22,000 square foot underground facility located in Greensboro, Vermont. The Cellars were constructed for the purpose of providing affinage, or aging expertise, as well as distribution and marketing services for local cheesemakers. At the Cellars, we ripen cheese made by Jasper Hill Creameries as well as those made by several other producers. Each cheese in our collection is made from a single herd of cows. Fresh wheels are introduced to one of seven specially calibrated vaults, where they receive customized care until perfect ripeness.”

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Weight 8 oz


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