Mad Maiden Shrub Gift Box


Mad Maiden Shrub Gift Box

Handcrafted by Mad Maiden Shrub, Madison, Wisconsin

Shrub is a drinking vinegar offering a tart and fizzy palate. Mix with sparkling water to level up an everyday beverage or experiment with your favorite spirits and accompaniments for your next cocktail hour.

This gift box contains three 5-ounce glass bottles of Mad Maiden Shrub in three different flavors (see below).

Made from certified organic apple cider vinegar from Turkey Ridge Organic Apple Orchard, Gays Mills, Wisconsin.
Contains five grams of sugar per one-ounce serving.


Mad Maiden Shrub Gift Box

Perfect for gifting to a foodie, health nut or amateur mixologist. Always have on hand for your own mixing too.

  • Cranberry: Organic apple cider vinegar, cranberries, organic cane sugar, organic orange peel, rosemary, juniper berry, black peppercorn and salt.
  • Honey Ginger:  Organic apple cider vinegar, honey, organic ginger and salt.
  • Mulberry and Friends:  Organic apple cider vinegar, mulberries, peaches, plums, red & black raspberries, cornelian cherries, coumi, pear and black currant.

Fromagination features Janet Chen's beverages

About Mad Maiden Shrub: Janet Chen started Mad Maiden Shrub started in June 2013, and has sold her beverages at farmers markets in Dane County for several years. Infusing vinegar is like of making tinctures and salves with wildcrafted fruit and herbs. Drinking vinegars are a great way to use food that would otherwise be wasted.


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