Marieke Mustard Melange Gouda cheese


Mustard Melange Gouda cheese, Holland’s Family Cheese, Thorp, Wisconsin

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

Made from raw cow milk.

Marieke Mustard Melange Gouda cheese is flavored by a combination of black and yellow mustard seeds. It’s creamy and authentically savory.  Aged 2-4 months.

Award-winning cheesemaker, Marieke Penterman, celebrates her Dutch heritage with this exclusive collection of flavored Goudas.  She and her team handcraft each wheel using herbs and seeds gathered in the Netherlands.

Includes raw cow milk. enzymes, cultures, .

Sold in a 5-ounce piece.


Marieke Mustard Melange Gouda cheese

Marieke Mustard Melange Gouda cheese is a highlight cheese from Holland’s Family Cheese.  It’s made with an authentic old world Gouda recipe! The equipment, cultures, herbs and spices are all imported from the Netherlands.  Presently the rBGH free cows milk from the Penterman Farm cows is piped directly from the first milking of the day directly into the processing vat – fresh ingredients!

Premium raw cow milk from Marieke and Rolf Peterman’s herd provides each wheel of cheese with the exceptional flavor and texture.

Pairing suggestions: Potter’s Winter Wheat Crackers.

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Weight 8 oz
Weight of Each Cut Cheese

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