Mimolette cheese


Mimolette cheese, Flanders, France

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

Made from cow milk.

Mimolette, or Boule de Lille as it is sometimes known in France, is a well-aged table cheese.  It is colored a bright orange with annatto seed (the same annatto used in Wisconsin Cheddars) and is an Edam cheese that has been aged to the point of becoming quite hard.

The first thing you notice about Mimolette is its signature striking appearance—a cratered, almost canteloupe-like rind and a deep orange interior. During the 18-month aging process, the classic French cheese develops its sweet, caramelly notes and crumbly, craggy texture. As you enjoy Mimolette, pair it with Fabrique Delices Duck Prosciutto and a Continental White Gold Honey drizzle to balance the salty-sweet flavor.

Mimolette is a fruity, tangy hard cheese that may be enjoyed with a glass of beer, or used in cooking.


More about French Mimolette cheese

  • Mimolette dates back to the 17th century.
  • Legend has it that Louis XIV commissioned cheesemakers to create their version of the Dutch Edam when France suspended Dutch imports during the Franco-Dutch War.
  • Aged Mimolette is a cow’s milk cheese typically aged between 18 and 22 months, though it can also be found at younger age profiles.
  • The burnt orange color comes from the natural dye annatto, derived from seeds of the tropical achiote tree.
  • During the process, cheese mites develop on the rind, aerating the cheese and fostering the development of deep caramel flavors.
  • The French refer to these mites as “tiny affineurs” due to their essential role in aging.
  • The mites consume bits of the rind, resulting in a distinct, cratered cantaloupe appearance.
  • It’s rumored to have been the favorite cheese of French President Charles de Gaulle.

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