Roth Moody Blue cheese


Moody Blue cheese from Roth Cheese, Monroe, Wisconsin

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

Made from pasteurized cow milk.

Moody Blue is another gem from Emmi Roth USA’s luscious line of blue cheeses.  Moody Blue is a classic blue, and is delightfully creamy with a subtle smokey flavor.  It’s made from the freshest Wisconsin cow milk, and smoked over fruit wood, which results in a sultry, mouth watering flavor with hints of roasted nuts and coffee.



Moody Blue cheese

Emmi Roth USA produces many fine artisan cheeses at its location in Monroe, Wisconsin. Presently part of the southern Wisconsin “Cheese Belt,” it is a source for many outstanding products from America’s Dairyland. As a matter of fact, Moody Blue cheese is just one of many great cheeses from Emmi Roth!

This particular blue cheese is creamy, semi-soft and pale yellow, made with vegetarian rennet, and possessing a natural rind.  Moody Blue is rich and smokey, with a subtle, nutty and tangy flavor array.

Pairing suggestions: Roasted mushrooms, asparagus, red peppers, maple syrup, honey, dark chocolate and Merlot and Zinfandel wines, Porter and Stout beers.

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Weight 8 oz
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