Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar


Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar

This is a 70% dark chocolate with a sprinkle of sea salt to make all the flavors come alive. Organic, bean-to-bar, vegan friendly. For the chocolate aficionado.

Bean-to-bar 100% organic. Responsibly-sourced cacao.  Gluten-free / kosher-clean ingredients.

Weight: One ounce.


Mother’s Day Chocolate Bar

About FINE & RAW: FINE & RAW founder Daniel Sklaar started making small-batch chocolate in a notorious Williamsburg, Brooklyn artist loft in 2007. At first he shared with friends, and then friends of friends, but soon he was biking orders around to local shops as more and more people discovered the next-level flavors of his artisanal raw chocolate. In 2012, the company moved to a skylit factory-café in Bushwick, where local artists and an increasing number of Brooklyn tourists stop by for a hot chocolate and a heady sniff of the chocolate-infused air. A true bean-to-bar facility, FINE & RAW starts with organic beans from sustainability-focused purveyors, and takes them all the way from their burlap sacks into finished chocolate bars, confections, and truffles. Crafted for chocolate lovers, FINE & RAW products are produced without dairy and using unrefined coconut sugar to extract caramel notes and deeper, more vital flavors. From the local artists and photographers who have worked with FINE & RAW on their packaging, website, and events, to the farmers all over the globe who produce the world’s best cacao, nourishing trees and soil – FINE & RAW is above all a community of people dedicated to the idea that chocolate is magic.

Made in Brooklyn, New York.

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