Nana & Nano’s Italian Dressing

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Nana & Nano’s Italian Dressing

This dressing is a family recipe of the Monteleone (owner’s) family. Ken’s relatives own a Italian deli and cafe in Colorado. They use this dressing in the cafe and it has become so popular they decided to bottle it.
Ingredients: Olive oil blend, wine vinegar, sugar, garlic and spices.


Nana & Nano’s Italian Dressing

Use on salads, sandwiches, beef and chicken marinades, pasta and vegetables.  We like to mix it with a ranch dressing.

1 review for Nana & Nano’s Italian Dressing

  1. Dorothy Dalto

    OMG!!! This stuff is so good. I live in Arizona and am delighted to find it on line. Trinidad is a littl too far to drive.

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