Paulin’s Orange Marmalade


Paulin’s Orange Marmalade

Made in La Crosse, Wisconsin, this is one of several locally sourced, specialty condiments from Paulin’s.

Orange Marmalade: Sweet, orange-y goodness. Use for desserts such as cakes, pies or cupcakes. Use for baking in muffins, scones and more. Great on a slice of toast for breakfast.

Comes in an 11-ounce/310-gram jar.

Fromagination also offers Paulin’s Plum Mustard.

Coming this year: Classic Dill Pickle, and Blackberry Jam.


Paulin’s Orange Marmalade

About Paulin’s Provisions: Chris Barton and Ben Skinner were born and raised in La Crosse, Wisconsin. They worked in the restaurant industry for twenty years, first in La Crosse, then in Minneapolis, then Seattle. After the COVID-19 pandemic, they returned to La Crosse and entered food manufacturing.

Paulin’s Provisions is primarily a food manufacturing facility making shelf stable products for retail purchase in the grocery market. They wanted to form a company which creates the highest quality product using the highest quality ingredients possible, sourced as locally as possible.

They also wanted to create a company that supports their values and the ethical growth of the local economic engine of the driftless region. They believe in work-life balance, autonomy, authenticity, empowerment, and worker-led decision-making. Society is in a time of profound paradigm shift, and they believe it is important to create and foster a company that drives economic growth while being a meaningful place to work that doesn’t suck the soul right out of its employees.


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