Pear with Honey & Ginger Preserves


Pear with Honey & Ginger Preserves, Quince and Apple, Madison, WI

Featuring ripe pears and crisp apples luxuriate in lush honey and warm, grated ginger.  These preserves are made with local honey, and local pears and apples when they’re in season!

Quince & Apple also makes other fantastic preserves!

Select from 1.5 oz mini jar or 6 oz jar.


Pear with Honey & Ginger Preserves

Quince & Apple products are made in Madison, by Clare and Matt, who have become experts at small-batch, artisan preserves and syrups.

Ingredients: Pears, apples, sugar, honey, fresh ginger and pectin.

Pairing suggestions: This preserve demands a good pastry – top a croissant, Danish or cider doughnut.


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