Pecora Nocciola cheese



Pecora Nocciola cheese, Landmark Creamery, Belleville, Wisconsin

Buttery and slightly salty, this cheese will fit nicely onto any cheese board.  It is also a perfect cheese for grating! Try this one with some dark chocolate or dried cherries.



Pecora Nocciola cheese

“Pecorino is the generic name for cheeses made from pure sheep’s milk.  Each is characteristic of a specific area and a particular breed of sheep. “ – The World Encyclopedia of Cheese, 2010

Sheep milk cheeses tend to be sweeter and, as they age, nuttier than cheeses made with other milk types.

Landmark Creamery is located in Albany, Wisconsin.  It works with local milk suppliers to support sustainable, family-run dairies.

Landmark co-founders Anna Landmark and Anna Thomas-Bates have focused on making sheep milk cheese.  And they make wonderful creations!


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