Pleasant Ridge Reserve with Pecans Gift Set



Pleasant Ridge Reserve with Pecans Gift Set

This Wisconsin cheese gift basket is a singular sensation.

It contains:


Pleasant Ridge Reserve with Pecans Gift Set

Named after the land formation on which the Uplands Cheese farm sits, Pleasant Ridge Reserve cheese is made in the tradition of Alpine cheeses like Gruyere and Beaufort. Like the Alpage versions of these cheeses, they only make Pleasant Ridge Reserve from May through October.  In fact, that’s when their cows are eating fresh, natural plant pasturage. The resulting grass-fed, raw milk produces flavors in the cheese that can’t be replicated by “ordinary” milk.  Enjoy this fantastic cheese with the Pleasant Ridge Reserve with Pecans gift set!

With this in mind, Andy Hatch, Uplands Cheese cheesemaker, says using only the ideal milk is the most important component in ensuring the quality of cheese from Uplands Cheese. His partner, Scott Mericka, manages the cows.  She especially makes sure their diet is perfect for producing the “terroir” taste particular to Pleasant Ridge in the cheese. Pleasant Ridge Reserve is the result.

Above all, Uplands makes only two kinds of cheese, both of which are outstanding examples of Wisconsin artisan cheese. Its cheeses are sold in the best cheese shops across the United States, and abroad.


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