Quince & Apple Cocktail Syrups



Quince & Apple Cocktail Syrups

This three-bottle cocktail syrups gift set contains:

  • Rhubarb Hops Syrup: A firework of sour rhubarb and bitter hops, distinctive in clear spirits or stirred into sparkling wine.
  • Tart Cherry Grenadine Syrup: A full-bodied, handcrafted grenadine made from Wisconsin tart cherries, nice in cocktails and sodas alike.
  • Honey Lemon Syrup: Amber honey and golden lemons glow with orchard color, stirring up a fresh, cidery tang. Blend into dark cozy drinks with whiskey and brandy.



Quince & Apple Cocktail Syrups

Three delicious cocktail syrups produced locally by Quince & Apple in Madison, Wisconsin.

In fact, this Wisconsin company also makes wonderful, interesting preserves.  Its syrups are a great way to create interesting drinks for your party or reception.  Additionally, this three-syrup collection includes Honey Lemon syrup, Tart Cherry Grenadine, and Rhubarb Hops syrup.

Each bottle contains 250 milliliters (8.5 ounces), or approximately 8 to 9 pours.  These syrups are shelf-stable, so they’ll last indefinitely unopened, and 6-8 weeks or longer if refrigerated after opening.


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