Roth Private Reserve cheese



Roth Private Reserve cheese, Emmi Roth USA, Monroe, Wisconsin

Made from raw cow milk.

Roth Private Reserve is an award-winning Alpine-style cheese.  It is made in traditional copper vats, and aged for a minimum of six months. The interior paste is an ivory-butter color, and offers flavors of hazelnuts, almonds and sweet cream, and a pronounced but balanced saltiness.



Roth Private Reserve cheese

In 1863, Oswald Roth began making and exporting cheese in Uster, Switzerland.  A generation later, Oswald’s son, Otto, left Switzerland for New York, setting up shop as an importer of Swiss cheeses.  Over the years, the company built its business in the U.S. In 1991, they began making their own European-style cheeses in Green County, Wisconsin, a part of the state known locally as “Little Switzerland.” Roth Private Reserve cheese is made with traditional rennet, and is a firm cheese with a natural rind.

Pair suggestions: Cured meats, Dried Figs


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