Blakesville Creamery Saint Germain cheese


Saint Germain cheese, Blakesville Creamery, Port Washington, Wisconsin

This is a picture of the Fromagination goat

Made from pasteurized goat milk.

This pasturized goat milk Tomme-style cheese is the platonic ideal of an aged goat cheese: distinctly goaty and slightly musky with some delicious herbal, pine-y, and floral notes issuing forth.

The texture is sublime – semi-firm, thick and succulent, but with a melty mouth feel, like the great cheeses from the Pyrenees like Pyrenees Brebis and Petit Basque. The wheels are enveloped by the signature velveteen gray rind. Like a French cow milk Tomme, it’s light yellow and semi-firm.

Saint Germain cheese is aged for 3-4 months.  It’s got less fat…with serious flavor notes!


Saint Germain cheese

Blakesville Creamery is part of Blakesville Dairy Farm in Port Washington, Wisconsin.  They have 900 goats!

Pairing suggestions: Bright, acidic white wines like Txakoli and Gewurztraminer; light, earthy red wines like Cabernet Franc and Arbois; dry cider, pilsners, IPA.


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Weight 8 oz
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