Saucisson Sec


Saucisson Sec

This tasty charcuterie is the classic French style, with garlic and black pepper.

Made by Underground Meats in Madison, Wisconsin.

This product comes in a 2 ounce link.


Saucisson Sec

Saucisson Sec is a traditional summer sausage that originated in France. In fact, recipes for this salami date back to Roman times! It is made with simple, classic ingredients: garlic and black pepper.

Another fun fact is that saucisson comes from the Latin salsus meaning salted and it is sometimes called saucisse sèche. However, we just call it delicious.

Underground Meats is a Madison-local purveyor of meats,established in 2009. They source all of their meats from small-scale producers in south-central Wisconsin, where they prioritize humane slaughter and traditional techniques. This results in quality meat you can taste. You can read more about them on Saveur!


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