Saucisson Sec



Saucisson Sec

This tasty charcuterie is the classic French style, with garlic and black pepper.

Made by Underground Meats in Madison, Wisconsin.

This product comes in a 2 ounce link.


Saucisson Sec

Saucisson Sec is a simple, traditional summer sausage that originated in France.  In fact, Saucisson comes from the Latin salsus meaning salted. It is sometimes called saucisse sèche. There are saucisson recipes dating from Roman times, and Gaulish recipes for dried pork.

Underground Meats works closely with small-scale Wisconsin farmers to source its its products from pasture-raised heritage pigs and goats.  As a result, this means that a high quality and consistent supply of humanely treated animals are slaughtered in small-scale, state-inspected facilities.  Consequently, the resulting charcuterie is delicious and of excellent quality.


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