Small S’More Kit


Small S’More Kit

Each S’More Kit comes fully equipped with two homemade shortbread cookies already blanketed with a layer of Dark Belgian chocolate. Of course we didn’t forget to include two of our famous fluffy naked vanilla marshmallows.  Perfection achieved. Perfect for two.

Fire not included.


Small S’More Kit

About the Producer

The Bang Candy Company is owned and run by Sarah Souther who is aided and abetted by a couple of wild and wonderful assistants. In January 2012 the doors of The Bang Candy Company’s physical location opened up in Marathon Village, Once the home to Marathon Motor Works where the Marathon Car was built at the beginning of the 1900’s now a bustling artistic district. The Marathon building now houses, distilleries, cafes, artists, recording studios, a radio station, custom clothing and jewelry manufacturing and many other craftsmen and women. It is a veritable hotbed of creative enterprise!

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