Wisconsin’s American Picnic




What’s Included:

  • Effies Oat cakes
  • 2 links from Underground meats
  • French Mustard
  • Cheddar crackers
  • Our exclusive Cranberry Relish
  • Lark Cookie Trio
  • Our exclusive Black Pepper Parmesan crackers
  • Picnic basket


Wisconsin’s  American Picnic

Let us pack your picnic!  You provide the drinks and we’ll provide the rest in the American Picnic.  A delightful picnic filled with sweet and savory treats from Wisconsin and beyond.

Features: Effie Oat Cakes, Underground Meats Goat Salami and French Saucisson Sec, Lark Cookie Trio, Collective Goods Cheddar Crackers,  Fromagination Wisconsin Parmesan Crackers, French Moutarde Mustard,  Quince and Apple Preserves, 3 jars: Pear, Ginger & Honey, Cranberry Relish, Fig & Black Tea; Wisconsin Cheese Collection, ½ lbs. of each of the following: Uplands Pleasant Ridge Reserve, Hook’s Five-Year Cheddar, Roth Private Reserve.


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