Three Chili Pepper Gouda cheese



Three Chili Pepper Gouda cheese, Roth cheese, Monroe, WI

Chipotle, Habanero, and Jalapeño peppers add south of the border flavor to a timeless standard.




3 Chili Pepper Gouda cheese

This 3 Chili Pepper Gouda cheese is perfect for melting over nachos, topping tortilla or chicken soup. Add some fire to your mac & cheese or quesadillas!

Pairing: Mango, dried fruits, cashews; Tequila, or a Margarita; Rosé wine; a Lager beer.

Calling the rolling hills of Southern Wisconsin home, a family of cheesemakers has been crafting award-winning specialty cheese for more than 150 years.  It all started in 1863, when Oswald Roth began crafting and curing cheese in Uster, Switzerland.  Today Roth Cheese is part of the Emmi Group, continuing to focus on specialty and artisan cheeses that originated in the traditions of European recipes, as well as American Originals. With cellars for aging and authentic copper vats, Emmi Roth cheeses are a testament to the craft of the cheesemaker.


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