Truffle Gouda cheese


Truffle Gouda cheese, Holland’s Family Cheese, Thorp, Wisconsin

This is a picture of the Fromagination cow

Made with raw cow milk.

Marieke’s Gouda is wonderful, and this is the truffle-flavored version, which means it may be more interesting than some other versions.  It is aged 6 months, and has the same pedigree that Holland’s Family Cheese has made famous at competitions such as the American Cheese Society, where its Goudas have won many awards.  This one is just as sweet, nutty and firm as its Dutch counterpart.


Truffle Gouda cheese

Can you tell this cheese isn’t from The Netherlands? Probably not, because the Penterman family has a dairy background in the Netherlands and in fact only came to Wisconsin because the land is still available. Their recent Gouda-making education in Holland shows they studied hard.  Since being introduced in 2006, their Goudas have been winning U.S. competitions.  They completed a  transition from pasteurized to raw milk with a herd of 720 Holstein cows (all rBGH-free) providing the freshest milk, directly from their milking area to the vat for cheesemaking.

Pairing suggestions: Sparkling wine, Potter’s Winter Wheat Crackers, tart apples.


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Weight 8 oz
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