Underground Meats Gift Set


Underground Meats Gift Set

Contents include five meats.

Fromagination’s gift sets are more than just cheese! The Underground Meats Gift Set contains five locally produced salamis:  Spanish Chorizo, Goat Salami, and Saucisson Sec (2 ounces each); Soppressata and Tuscan Salami (6 ounces each).


Underground Meats Gift Set

Underground Meats is a Madison, Wisconsin purveyor of meats, established in 2009. They source all of their meats from small-scale producers in south-central Wisconsin, where they prioritize humane slaughter and traditional techniques. You can read more about them on Saveur!

This gift set highlights some of our favorite charcuterie products: their Spanish Chorizo, Goat Salami, Saucisson Sec, Soppressata, and Tuscan Salami.

We love these salamis on all of our cheese boards…and sometimes we don’t even need the cheese!

Additional information

Weight 48 oz
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 5 in


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