Veggiletta Sandwich

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Veggiletta Sandwich

This sandwich is vegetarian, and made daily, in advance of the lunch hour.

Ingredients: French Brie with house-made olive tapenade, Quince & Apple Fig and Black Tea preserves, and lettuce, on focaccia.


Veggiletta Sandwich

In fact, our artisan sandwiches are prepared on-site using fresh ingredients every day.  Furthermore, these sandwiches are paired with Wisconsin Cheese.

As featured in Madison Magazine: “Super sandwiches -Dig into nine of the city’s most delicious bites on sliced bread”

“The creaminess of the brie comes together nicely on the foccacia bread,”   “The ingredients just harmonize”

1 review for Veggiletta Sandwich

  1. Tatum Lyles Flick

    I like this sandwich a lot, but am not a huge fan of the brie on it. I would love to try it with other cheese options – maybe goat cheese or some sort of smoked cheddar.

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