Wisconsin Shaped Cheese Board



Wisconsin Cutting Board

Approximately 12″ long and 9″ wide.

Cutting board care instructions:

  • Hand wash board after each use.
  • Dry board immediately.
  • Never put board in dishwasher.
  • Oil board whenever it looks dry.
  • Use food grade mineral oil only.
  • The wood grain may rise after washing.  This is normal, it will eventually go away.
  • Rub with lemon to remove odors.
  • Sand light with medium sandpaper to remove blemishes, then re-oil.


Wisconsin Shaped Cheese Board
This Wisconsin Shaped Cheese Board is handcrafted by a local wood maker and is the perfect gift to show your Wisconsin Pride!

Made and customized just for us by a local Wisconsin wood maker!  In fact, wood types and patterns in each board will vary, making your purchase truly unique. Additionally, every Wisconsin cutting board is made in the USA out of locally sourced Wisconsin cherry, walnut, maple, hickory and ash woods.  Don’t forget your cheese!


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