Wm. Chocolate Dark + Coffee Bar


Wm. Chocolate Dark + Coffee Bar

1.8 oz. bar, smooth 70% dark chocolate with crunchy coffee bean pieces.

Enjoy rich, balanced chocolate with low bitterness and coarsely ground coffee mixed in for a stimulating crunch. Ingredients: cacao beans (certified organic), whole cane sugar (certified organic), cacao butter (certified organic), coffee beans (certified organic). Produced in an allergen-free facility. No soy, dairy, grain, nuts, refined sugar, or animal products.


Wm. Chocolate Dark + Coffee Bar

About the Maker

Wm. Chocolate sources flavorful, organic, whole-food ingredients from as close to home as possible and transform them into delicious chocolate you can feel great about eating.

Wm. Chocolate began in early 2015 in my home kitchen, where my passion for making nutritious, ethically sourced, delicious food from scratch spilled over into chocolate. Simply put, I couldn’t find a chocolate on the market that met my standards, so I decided to make it myself – all the way from raw cacao bean to the finished chocolate bar.
From the start, I knew I wanted chocolate that is free from additives, fillers, and refined sweeteners. But once I started making it, I was struck by the huge range of flavors across different cacao origins. My mission expanded beyond just nutrition, to making and sharing chocolate that celebrated these diverse flavors.
Made in Madison, WI, this bar features fine cacao from the Dominican Republic, traditional whole cane sugar from Colombia, and sea salt from California.


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