Fromagination provides a variety of services for events and special occasions.  Call (608) 665-3363 for more information.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering limited in-person possibilities for events and special occasions.
However, we have lots of ideas for private, small-group events!  Call us at 608-665-3363 for special occasion recommendations.

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Fromagination carries wedding favors

Weddings and Celebrations

Let us help you make your wedding plans come true.  It’s one of the most important days you will ever celebrate and the day you will remember forever. Your wedding deserves all of the attention to detail and majesty that Fromagination offers.

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Traditional Raclette

Tastings & Raclette

What’s more fun than eating and drinking your favorite cheeses, beers, wines, or other artisan-produced foods?  Knowing about them..and then eating and drinking!  We offer cheese tastings with wine, beer, and spirits!

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Fromagination cheesemongers take time to tell the stories of the cheese


People who want more than a quick snack from their cheese may want to investigate Fromagination’s Exclusive Cheesemonger Experience.

A Fromagination cheesemonger will bring the cheese to you!  We create a gorgeous assortment of Wisconsin cheeses along with their perfect companions. We provide a display that will delight and inspire your guests.  And we carefully select beverage pairings (wine, beer, or cocktails ) at your discretion.

Next, our cheesemongers take your guests on a cheese “tour.”  They talk about cheeses, the cheesemakers, and the culture behind the cheese.  And they give your guest tips about how to best pair the cheese with their favorite companions.

This exclusive Cheesemonger Experience allows guests to savor, learn and have fun!  For more details, contact us at 608-665-3363 for a quotation based on the scope of your event.

This service is temporarily suspended during the COVID-19 pandemic in Wisconsin.

Fromagination offers Capitol Square picnics!

Patio Picnics

When in downtown Madison, you can relax on Fromagination’s outdoor patio with a beer and some Wisconsin artisan cheese.  Our outdoor seating is particularly popular during Saturdays in the summer, when the Dane County Farmer’s Market is up and running.

On weekdays, our lunch menu is well-known for artisan sandwiches, salads, soups, chips and sweets.  Call ahead, order your sandwiches, and pay at the time of pickup…then sit outside and enjoy the day!

For special occasions, we can reserve all four patio tables for your party (up to 16 guests) and make sure your cheese tray and wine is ready when you arrive.  Picnics across from the State Capitol -spring, summer or fall – are one of the best dining experiences in Madison.

Call us at 608-255-2430 for questions about outdoor dining at Fromagination.

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