Wedding Favors

Why wedding favors?

Do you really need to give the guests a gift?  No.

But if your aunt and uncle are driving from another time zone to help you celebrate, it’s nice.

And Fromagination has a wide selection of cheeses and companion foods that make great favors.

Custom Favor Packages

If you would like to create a custom wedding favor for your guests, contact us.

We will suggest pairings that delight your guests…and their taste buds.

Call 608-665-3363 to get more information about wedding favor options.

National Recognition

Fromagination was featured in the Summer 2015 Martha Stewart Weddings magazine, for its local, specialty wedding favor pairings.  See the spread…look for Wisconsin!

Martha Stewart Weddings Summer 2015

Presentation with flare!

Fromagination will create wedding favors that taste good…but also look good.

Talk to our staff about packaging and presentation.  We’ll give you examples, and work with you to make a lovely souvenir of the celebration!

Our favors say, “Welcome to (and from) Wisconsin!” and honor our local food culture, too.